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Dr. Greg Thompson OD, FAAO

dr greg

Dr. Greg Thompson has been practicing optometry in Brampton since his graduation in 2013. He was born and raised in Brampton and is thrilled to be serving the community. Throughout high school and university Dr. Greg had many interesting jobs from delivering the Brampton Guardian, working at Little Caesar's Pizza (yes holding the sign), Canadian Tire Warehouse and with the City of Brampton

He attended Brampton Christian School and later North Park Secondary School. He then attended the University of Waterloo when he earned his Bachelor of Science degree and later his Doctor of Optometry.

During his training, Dr. Greg Thompson received instruction in the latest in eye health and eye disease, refractive conditions, and children's vision. During his training, he interned at several outstanding optometric and ophthalmologic clinics including the Omni Eye Specialty Clinic in Baltimore, Maryland. He also won the Alcon Award at the University of Waterloo for authoring a paper on the treatment of a binocular vision disorder with multifocal contact lenses.

Professional courses and affiliations:


  • University of Waterloo Honours Life Science 2009
  • University of Waterloo Doctor of Optometry 2013
  • Licensed by the College of Optometry in 2013
  • Member of the Ontario Association of Optometrists 2013-present
  • Completed Optometric Extension Courses 2013-present
  • Member of the Canadian Association of Optometrists 2013-present
  • Fellowship in the American Academy of Optometry 2019

Dr. Greg Thompson is married to his high school sweetheart Sarah Ahola with one son, and one polydactyl (extra toes) cat named Murphy. In his off time Dr. Greg Thompson plays basketball weekly, jogs, goes skiing, travels, and likes motorcycles.