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Vision Therapist

Toni Winchester entered the optometry field since 2004 as a Co-Op student in high school with only one request: TO HELP PEOPLE! Toni has a plethora of hands on experience working alongside optometrists and ophthalmologists in clinic and surgical settings, providing her with good understanding of the vision health & development. To further Toni’s hand on experience, she also has a diploma in Addictions and Community Service which assist her in building meaningful relationships and good rapport with our vision therapy patients. Toni also holds a diploma in Occupational Therapy/ Physiotherapy Assistance, this helps relate directly to her assisting and understanding of how patients’ daily lives have been affected by their disorders and how it can be improved. Toni is also the parent of a special needs child which gives her a different dynamic perspective and love for working with children with and without exceptionalities. With all of these skills and experience it was an easy transition into the Vision Therapy field. At Thompson Family Optometry, Toni’s uses her education and experience when working alongside the other therapists and doctors to help patients build connections between the brain and the visual system. Toni has started training with the Optometric Extension Program foundation and is working toward her certification as a Vision Therapist. Toni’s number one goal is to help patients to reach their full potential in life and learning.