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Took my mom for her eye checkup & new glasses. Professional staff, Greg is knowledgeable & very personable. I definitely recommend them!
2 months ago
- KG
I was skeptical at first, going through with vision therapy as a brain injury patient. Dr. Thompson and Albert are very professional, thorough and knowledgeable. I had no idea what a difference the therapy would make to my neck and back pain. The encouragement from them really aided my ability to keep up with the homework and improve my issues. Without them I would not know that so many exercises can help improve vision and physical pain. I would recommend this excellent optometry to friends and family, they are truly so helpful and kind.
3 months ago
- loveneet k.
My vision therapy changed my life for the better! I was struggling to see and process the world around me, thanks to Dr Thompson and the Amazing Albert, I am now able to read books again and enjoy watching TV. I highly recommend their services.
3 months ago
- Jayne P.
Amazing! Both the staff and the doctor were warm, inviting, and competent. Greatly helped me. highly recommended!
3 months ago
- Philip G.
(Translated by Google) Gorgeous (Original) Magnifique
5 months ago
- Samuel K.
Dr. Rick Thompson is Excellent. Thank you.
7 months ago
- Aura R.
OUTSTANDING! This has to be the BEST and most professional, and.... perfectly friendly optometry I've ever had the pleasure of frequenting as a client. I went here 3 weeks ago for an eye function full assessment (3hrs long) and it seemed like 3 mins; because Albert (vision therapist) and Dr. Thompson made the whole visit experience; plus they r pretty cool;) would HIGHLY recommend. <3 💯
11 months ago
- Dana B.