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Family Optometry serving Brampton Ontario

Your eyes are your most precious possession

Dr. Rick Thompson and Associates welcome you to our practice

Our website provides information about how your vision and eye health can affect your everyday performance. Explore our site to learn more about:

  • Important visual skills that everyone should have
  • Eye health
  • Canadian Association of Optometrist's recommendations for annual exams for children
  • How learning disabilities, dyslexia, ADD, ADHD can be a result of vision problems
  • Post Trauma Vision Syndrome
  • Behavioural optometry
  • Computer Vision Syndrome
  • Vision Therapy
  • Contact Lenses
  • Low vision

Dr. Rick Thompson provides both traditional optometric philosophies, as well as holistic approaches in solving vision difficulties.

He provides services involving prevention, enhancement, and rehabilitation for both children and adults. Rehabilitation can include both lenses and vision therapy.

Complementing this work is access to a network of health professions, including ophthalmology, general medicine, naturopathy, cranial-sacral, occupational therapy, education, and neural psychology.

Dr. Rick Thompson

Dr. Greg Thompson is new to the practice and provides traditional optometric care with a special interest in ocular disease and contact lenses. Welcome Greg!

Dr. Greg Thompson

The office is completely wheel chair accessible and child friendly.

To benefit our patients, we are constantly improving our knowledge and upgrading our technology. We strive to help those in our care to maintain clear, comfortable and efficient vision.

Please call us to arrange an appointment. We are here to meet all of your eye care needs.